The inscription on the monument reads:
Near this spot on 28th Oct 1942 a long range bomber of the United States Army Air Forces crashed.
The plane a Consolidated type B-24D Liberator No. 41-23712 attached to the 330th Bombardment Squadron, of the USA.A.F. and based at Holmsley South Airfield in the New Forest, took off at 7.20 on Oct 29, 1942 with a crew of 12 on an operational U-Boat patrol mission over the Bay of Biscay.
The aircraft turned around at 11.30 but three hours later due to heavy rain and poor visibility, the aircraft clipped Bossington Hill and crashed in the marsh at Porlock killing 11 of the crew.
Captain William J. Williams II - pilot
First Lt. Joseph G. Simpson - navigator
Second Lt. Thomas W.Lewis Co-pilot
Second Lt. Charles G.Sorrell also here bomb aimer
First Lt. Lynn C.Riess Jr.
Tech Sgt. Walter D. Uffleman also here flight engineer
Staff Sgt. James DeMuzio - gunner
Sgt. Stephen Prekel - radio operator
Staff Sgt. Stephen V. DeMaroney - gunner
Staff Sgt. Earl R Purdy and here - gunner
Act.Sgt. J.J. Odell
Staff Sgt. H.E.Thorpe - gunner, was the sole survivor.

This monument was erected by membrs of the Porlock Branch of the British Legion.
The small plaque above was made from the remains of the aircraft.

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Junkers 88A Bomber shot down by Spitfire on Porlock beach on 27th September 1940